Amundsen Center Rental

Amundsen Center Rental

The Amundson Community Center is available for community use by groups, organizations and individuals. This policy establishes guidelines for usage. Usage of the Center is approved by the Village of Cambridge Administrator and/or Village Clerk. All contracts may be reviewed by the Village of Cambridge Board of Trustees.

You will need to submit both the Application Form and Liability Agreement, to rent at the center.

Download Amundsen Center Policy or continue reading.

Who may use the Amundsen Center
  • Community organizations or individuals that reside within the Cambridge School District. Organizations may be non-profit or for-profit.
  • Non-community organizations or individuals that reside outside the Cambridge School District. Organizations may be non-profit or for-profit. 

 It is the policy to encourage and accommodate use of the center as much as possible, and charges may be applied to keep the building clean and maintained. Availability of the center does not guarantee the right to use it. 

Alcoholic Beverages

  • Bona-fide clubs and organizations that wish to serve alcoholic beverages at a public gathering must apply for a Picnic License from the Village of Cambridge.
  • Private events do not require an alcohol license. The event must not be open to the public and no costs or fees can be charged to the attendees.
  • Only beer, wine and fermented malt beverages may be served.
  • Renters must provide and use their own cups for serving alcohol.
  • A security deposit will be charged whenever alcoholic beverages are served. Damages in excess of the security deposit will be billed to the individual or group using or renting the center. 


  • Candles in a semi-enclosed container (such as a votive) may be used if carefully monitored.
  • Nails, tacks, screws or staples may not be driven into any walls, ceilings, floors or woodwork of the center. Acceptable fasteners and hooks can be provided by the center on request.
  • Colored crepe paper may be used if it the color does not bleed. Any additional cleaning costs due to dye stains may be charged to the user.
  • Decorations must be removed by the user before leaving the center.


The individual or group using or renting the center is responsible for the actions of their guests or members while in the center or on the grounds.

Rooms Available

  • Kitchen
  • Community Room 250 ~ 38’ by 52’ ~ 2,152 sq. ft.
  • Senior Room 20 20’ by 23’ 460 sq. ft.

Groups larger than the room’s safe capacity will not be accommodated.
Only those premises scheduled will be available for use.
An additional charge of $5-20/hour may be charged for events that occur outside of normal center hours.
If more than one group wishes to rent the room on the same day for a co-sponsored activity, both must sign agreements. The room fee, security deposit and custodial charges will be split evenly between the two groups, although any after-hours charges may be charged to the group that makes that request.


  • The center is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.
  • A soda machine is available on the grounds for use by individuals and groups at their own expense.
  • No smoking is allowed at the Amundson Community Center. Smoking is allowed only at the north or south far ends of the lower level parking lot.
  • All sidewalks and parking areas must be kept accessible to center users.

Clean-Up Expectations

  • Amundson Community Center staff will set up and put away tables and chairs.
  • Users must put all trash into bags, which will be provided by the center. Take all trash to the dumpster area at the south end of parking lot near the community room exit doors.
  • Tables must be wiped down. Cloths and a bucket will be provided.
  • The floor must be swept. A broom and dustpan will be provided.
    If the room and grounds (if applicable) are not cleaned and restored to its original condition to the satisfaction of the center’s custodian, a $20 per hour clean up fee will be invoiced back to the group.
  • Any damages will be charged back to the user and/or security deposit retained in whole or in part.


You will need to submit both the Application Form and Liability Agreement, to rent at the center.

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